Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I love to shop allthough I am very unemployed!!! Like most college students I like to shop on a budget so I want to share all of the things that I purchase on a Budget..

$(Not So Hot)
$$$(Like it)
$$$$(Love it)
$$$$$(Must Buy)

Lip Gloss
Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss
Color: 567A
I purchased this lipgloss from CVS for $1.99!! I love the color! One thing that I look for when I
purchase lip gloss is that it is smooth and not sticky. I hate the Sticky feeling that cheap lipgloss leaves on your lips. This product is very smooth and it also has a frosty tent to it but still gives off a really natural look!! I give this product: $$$$
INcolor by Jordana Pretty Shine Luxury Gloss
Color:06 Sweet
I purchased this lipgloss from Walgreens for $1.50 (2 for $3). This lip gloss while leave your lips smooth and moistened. The color of this gloss has more frost than it does
pink so if you like the frost tint then this is for you! I actually mix this color with another lip gloss that I have to give it a very pretty color! I give this product: $$$

Color: 04 Divine
I purchased this lipgloss the same time I got the other one hense the 2 for $3! LOL! I love this color! It is so natural and it is whereable for any occasions . I give this product $$$$$

Victoria Secret Pink Lip Butter
with organic shae butter
Color: Fresh
So most of you know the Victoria Secret had their semi annual sale. while I was there I did not spend alot (for once). But I did get some quality things. This Lip butter is awsome. I think i may have paid like $2. I usually put it on before i put on a lip stick or a lip color. I love it enough said!!
I give this product $$$$
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color
I Purchased this nail color from CVS for $0.99. I really love this color. It is not as rich as I would like it to be but it is a terrific summer color. It has a great shine that leaves a salon finish!!
I give this product $$$$$

Color: Lavender Creme
I purchased this also from CVS for the same price. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this color!! when I put this on I fell in love. It gives a wonderful finish.
I give this product $$$$$
® Nail Color">

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara
Color: Very Black
I purchased this product from Walmart. This product is OK. It didn't give me the thick eyelash look that I was use to. But change is good! This mascara does not clump (THANK GOD)!
I give this product $$$

Hunnies I bought alot of other things but honestly I am hungry so I am going to get me something to!