Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey Hunnies
I have been away from my blog spot..;-( I tried the whole YouTube thing but i only received like 8 i took all my vids down and just said..forget!!! but anyway I hope that you all are doing well.

Blog TV
I will be having a blog TV coming really really soon.. i am in the process of looking
for a good web cam once i find one then I will be on their really soon!!!
My Summer 09
So some of you may know that this is my last year in college, so i had set out the beginning of this summer to have the best summer ever.........I failed!!! I have hardly done anything...For the beginning of the summer I was in summer school. I did go to the beach and it was wonderful I enjoyed the water SO much so I am going back!
This Economy has become SO bad. I searched for a job this entire summer and now that it is almost august I have still found NOTHING...But I am not sad because I believe that everything happens for a reason!

Natural Hair Journey

So since the last time that I have been up here a whole lot has changed!! I decided to go natural in February of 09 and so I have been transitioning since then!! I have had tremendous hair growth and I have loved the journey thus far. I want to transition for a year before I do the big chop!!! wish me luck!!!